Technology without vision is worthless,
Vision without technology is ineffective


… is a train-the-trainer project in the field of ecological building. It aims to combine technology and vision into something greater which is sustainable, holistic, and humanistic.

Want the Change

In terms of technology, the JUMP! project is based on the manufacturing methods developed over decades in straw bale and earth building. Both methods of construction are taught in ECVET-certified courses. The attention is focused on the use of sustainable, biologically beneficial materials, conservation of resources, renewable energy, solar architecture …

Join the Change

The vision adds the attribute “holistic” and specifies values ​​at the intangible level. “Problems can never be solved with the same way of thinking that created them” (A. Einstein) means:
to change a system a system change is inevitable.
Cooperation rather than competition, co-determination, an end to profit as the paramount economic objective based on the dangerous myth of eternal growth – the focus lies on the common good.

Be the Change

For such a fundamental paradigm shift, you really need a brave JUMP! To make this truly sustainable, all acquired competences, knowledge and skills contribute to the creation of a course for extended training of trainers. Learning is development and change. Learning is human!

Teach the Change

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