2nd Lesson: Filling the Content: Images, Text, Videos

If you start editing a Lesson or Topic, you will see this window, you can enter Texts (Paragraphs), Images, Galleries and Videos (custom HTML or YouTube-Link) by clicking the + on top and selecting the block you want to present.
Select the block for the type of content you want to add to your Lesson or Topic.

And here is some text, just to add also a paragraph-block You can work in this text block similar as in Word (bold, coloured, italic, link it, align text left, centered or right. You can add inline code <html>or inline-images , duplicate the text-block, make a drop cap (large initial letter), and much more….

The last thing: on top of each site you can add “Materials“, so additional documents you want to show your trainees for download, or course-times and maybe handbooks and pdfs of your presentation. You can add links in this section under Settings:

Documents: PDF or Link to Learndash Bootcamp Link to more Learndash Videos

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