Adding Videos

So you recorded a Zoom Training, converted it (automatically after finishing the Meeting) to your computer as mp4-File (Video) and uploaded it to YouTube (not listed, then only those, who have the direct link can see it in your – free – YouTube Channel), or you selected a movie from YouTube or Vimeo or from another platform and want to show it on a Learndash-Site. This is how you do it:

How to embed a video from YouTube (share/teilen), copy the embed code and fill it in a custom HTML field
You can change the embed code (iframe) width to 100% (responsive) and the height to 500 (px). This makes your video fitting in this page perfectly (same size as text) but makes your video smaller on a smaller device (mobile phone), as it is always 100% width of the available space defined in your Template or on your device.