STEP U7: Architecture and Planning of Straw Bale Buildings

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After completing this course, trainees can

  • understand the general principles of solar design
  • find national building laws and apply them in practice
  • evaluate and choose suitable building materials
  • estimate the costs of building a straw bale house
  • read and understand a plan with the technical details
  • sketch a basic design with correct dimensions
  • sketch a construction plan
  • execute details following the sketches
  • understand and repair most common faults and damages in straw bale construction

STEP U7 Learning Outcome & Handbook

STEP U7 Intro: Solar and Sustainable Architecture

STEP U7-S1: Concept of the House – Architecture

STEP U7-S2: Straw Bale House Construction Plan

STEP U7-S3: House Technique (Heating, Cooling, Ventilation, Electricity)

STEP U7-S4: Repairs and Maintenance

STEP U7-S5: Final Feedback and Presentations of STEPpers

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