Collections of resources for straw, earth, sustainable building is part of intellectual outcomes of the ACTeco project. This collection, however is a selection, chosen by ACTeco partners, of most relevant materials, which will help the trainers to widen their knowlege, back up and support their training. This collection includes Photos, Videos, Literature, Good Practice, Research, Templates (for presentations), Kahoot Quizzes, Feedback Forms, Websites (Links) and Databases.

Other parts of collections you can find directly used in the online ACTeco courses, and attached in a section documents.

The collection Jump! training for change is a collection connected to other project, which we are trying to interconnect and create a synergy effect, as the project is aimed at trainers and the change of thinking and training towards more sustainable and regenerative culture.

These resources are for trainers & training centres, teachers & schools, therefore this section is password-protected. If you want access to our resources, please write an email to