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Welcome on ActEco & STEP2021 Platform for eLearning Eco-Construction,
Straw Bale Building, Earth Building and Training for Change

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Ok, this is a lie. We started this platform in the beginning of 2020.
But we promise: more Courses will follow soon!


Training for Change

ACTeco short course: Introduction to Training for Change -Sustainability.
Advanced STEP course


Content: History and Modern Straw Bale Building, Customizing & Handling: quality, orientation, measuring, shaping, dividing, rebinding, cutting and notching bales, density, moisture, tools for straw bale building and storage of bales.
Advanced STEP course


Content: handling tools, plan & construct INFILL double post walls, HYBRID constructions (CUT, OrganiCUT, GREB), execute different infill construction methods, know about PREFAB straw bale elements and advantages and disadvantages of the different techniques.
Free Course

Online Training & Communication

ACTeco Advanced Course Communcation (techniques) for both online and real communication. We introduce the main tools (graphic, text, photo, video, sound) as well as tipps and tricks how to make your trainings more interactive with mostly free tools. And we introduce Learndash and WordPress.
Advanced STEP Course

STEP U3: Load Bearing Straw Bale Construction

Content: Ioad bearing construction methods, resizing, compressing and fixing bales, construction of window boxes, base- and top plates, connection to roofs and ceilings, selecting good quality straw bales, structural behaviour, innovative examples of load bearing construction.

How to make a successful ONLINE COURSE

ACTeco course: How to make a successful ONLINE COURSE with WordPress, Zoom and Learndash


Lessons made by our Trainees: PED of Straw Bale Houses, Earth Sheltered Houses,...
Advanced STEP course

STEP U4: Straw Bale Wrapping & Renovation

Content: checking existing constructions, different wrapping and insulation methods (full bale with hybrid construction, binding, compressing; straw flakes with battens, planks, pallets, boards; prefab), finishing, inside insulation

SUSTAINABILITY 05 – Sustainable Building (Level 2)

45 minute lesson explains complexity of sustainable building, why building industry impacts climate change and what could be done to lower the impact.

Basics of Photovoltaics

An introduction to the application of photovoltaics in buildings. It shows how much solar energy is available and how much of it can be used and explains how different types of solar cells and solar modules are manufactured and what design options and advantages they offer in the building sector.

Basics Thermal Solar and Solar Cooling

The technology of solar thermal energy can be used to heat water (or air). The functionality is explained, the components are described, different collector types, storage tanks and system types are compared. Including a closer look at Solar cooling.

OffGrid Tiny House

ACTeco course about energy-independent "Off-Grid"-Houses, energy consumption, tiny house constructions and examples.

Building with Straw Panels

This course is to train architects and builders to design and assemble straw bale houses using prefabricated straw wall panels.

Building a Straw Bale Maze

ACTeco course. Straw bale mazes are popular with kids and adults. But there are some rules to be followed to build a safe maze and have fun too.

Sustainable (Straw) House – a Case Study

ACTeco course shows a case study house. Building step by step of a sustainable, passive standard, family house. It is built with natural materials, low impact foundation, green roof, producing own energy.
Advanced STEP Course

STEP U7: Architecture and Planning of Straw Bale Buildings

Content: principles of solar design, national building laws, building materials, cost estimation, technical details, sketching a basic design and a construction plan, understand and repair most common faults and damages in straw bale construction
Advanced STEP course

STEP U5: Finishes – Clay, Lime, Cladding

Content: tools and machines for rendering and cladding, prepare the plaster base, plaster/render mixture (clay, lime), wall and supporting constructions for cladding, cladding systems, airtight, wind and rain proof details, calculating rendering and cladding quantities.

SUSTAINABILITY 02 – Climate Change (Level 2)

The lesson briefly explains how and why is the climate changing, what are effects and suggests some actions how to deal with change.
Advanced STEP course

STEP U6: Building Physics

Content: Heat Transfer, Fire Protection, Moisture Transfer and Sound Insulation as well as Healthy Room Climates, Energy Efficiency and common mistakes and solutions in connection with Thermal Bridges, the lack of Airtightness and Windproofness. We show Energy Standards in different countries and how to achieve the standards in Straw Bale Building.

EARTH 06 – Earth Plaster (Introduction)

A 10 minute course about basics of earth plaster, nice examples and what its advantages and disadvantages are. (ECVET knowledge level 1)
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